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Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord! -Psalm 150:6

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Children and Pets


1. CONFIDENCE Pets provide unconditional acceptance, and are delighted to see your child.

2. EMPATHY Your child will pay attention to his pet's feelings and learn to be more empathetic to others.

3. RESPONSIBILITY Gradually increasing responsibility gives a child a greater sense of "belonging" in the family.

4. COMMUNICATION Your child can improve his verbal skills and will often confide his feelings to his pet.

5. NURTURING SKILLS In caring for his pet's needs he will gain knowledge about the needs of others.

6. COMPANIONSHIP Your child can love and give attention to his pet and receive tail-wagging approval.

A great breed for children!

To find out more about why this is such a great breed for children read the temperament and personality section on About Bolognese.


On January 30, 2010 our daughter, Alena, broke her jaw in a bad sledding accident. Her 9th birthday was the day before and we had planned a birthday party for this day but it was canceled due to the ice storm. We went sledding at our church and were having a wonderful time with our family and friends when Alena got hurt. Our friends prayed and we prayed as we rushed our daughter to the hospital. Alena had a cut on her jaw and had broken her jaw in two places. She had to have surgery, a dissolvable plate, stitches, and her teeth/jaws wired shut for four weeks. We praised God that her body would heal! She came home from the hospital a few days later and was in a lot of pain. We were concerned because she was so sad and downhearted. She knew a little sign language and used that and gestures to let us know she wanted our Bolognese brought to her. As soon as Amadeo and Arabella came to her she gave the most beautiful smile! It was the first smile since her accident two days before. My husband and I looked at each other and knew then that Alena was going to be okay! Later, my husband and I agreed that, if all we ever had from our Bolognese was that one beautiful smile, then any money or time and effort we had ever spent on our Bolognese had been well worth it! What joy these little dogs bring to our children! We hope they will bring joy to your family as well!


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